Thursday, September 19, 2013

Going to North East Mall? Park at Nordstrom...

Simon Kidgits Clubhouse
            @                                               FREE!!
Northeast Mall                                          

Open All Day  
        (Mall Hours)    
Nordstrom Hallway 

1101 Melbourne rd.
 Hurst, Tx
I recommend that if you visit this mall with children, park in the Nordstrom parking lot for the following reasons:

- The parking garage.  The sweltering Texas sun makes your vehicle an oven, and with a small child in tow it can be downright miserable.  For the both of you.  Park in the shade and avoid the "meltdown".

-Visit Nordstrom children's shoe department for a free balloon.  They are usually out in sight, but if there aren't any the sales associate is usually more than happy to get one for you.  They are helium balloons, with a cute little weight at the bottom so the child will not lose the balloon, (at least not to the sky).  

-The clubhouse is in the Nordstrom Hallway, so you can visit before you shop and/or after, and it's already 'on the way' rather than 'out of the way'.   

-If you are a nursing mother that would like some privacy, or a mom with a "bathroom" crisis that is better handled as privately as possible, Nordstrom has a Mother's Room.  It is roomy and comfortable and there are nice places to sit rather than a toilet.  In fact, the toilet stalls are separate from the nursing/lounge area.

-There is an interactive screen pad on the floor in front of Nordstrom.  Actually if you are walking in from Nordstrom, it is technically behind the directory signage.  Children can walk across it and watch the images, as it makes it appear as though they are kicking leaves, or leaving a trail of sparkles.

Simon Kidgits Club is a little membership club that the kids can be a part of for $5 a year.  You do NOT have to be a member to enjoy the play area.  You get to spin the wheel at the Customer Service kiosk for prizes every time you visit the mall (bring your membership card) and when you sign up you get a bag of goodies, a t-shirt, and coupons that are to be used at stores or for food at places in and around the mall. There are events that are held regularly for the Kidgits Club members, and they are a blast!!!

There is more for the kiddos here, like a little carousel in the same hallway as well as one in front of JCPenney.  There is also a very nice and relaxing fountain, and kids love fountains for some reason.  If you eat in the food court, the high chairs are by Subway ;)  And Villa Pizza usually has a special for a .99 kids meal when you order a meal.  You're Welcome.     

I love it every time I go :)                               

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