Thursday, September 19, 2013

One of my favorites!!!

The Hills Church of Christ
Soft Play Area and Play Structure                        FREE!!

Mon- 2pm-5pm                              6300 N. Loop 820
Tues-12pm-5pm                              North Richland Hills


This play area is fantastic for your little ones to release their wiggles!  This is an ideal play area no matter how old your little squirts are!  There is a tube play structure (think McDonald's but cleaner and taller) for the older children, although the little ones can go through as well so long as they can handle it.  The soft play area is roomy with plenty of space between the features.  Some places seem rather cramped, not here Mama!  

There is a mini slide, a rocket ship and a shuttle to run/crawl in and out of, soft play moon rocks(?) and the area is surrounded by a comfortable seating area to watch the little ones.  Since this church has an area for the big and little kids, there aren't any issues with your little one getting run over by the bigger kids.  Mothers are also very attentive here.

The star slide is the main attraction for the ankle biters, and they all congregate around it speaking heir baby babbles to each other, conspiring to take over the world and such.

I went with my son through the tube structure, and all I could think was, "Where was this kind of stuff when I was a kid?" I was getting pulled out of the Hamburglar by the Fire Department because I got stuck in his head! Nope, nothing like this around.  Anyhow, it was really a workout for me!  There were a number of obstacles to wiggle through, and the twisting levels seemed to never end.  The slide didn't seem too fast, mind you I am an adult with a 24lb child in my lap, so I did not reach full speed or anything.

There is a little outdoor park that is available to play on as well.  We might play outside if the weather cooperates, and then move the party inside or vice versa. 

Like it says earlier in this post, always check the website for closings. The link is at the top of the page, just click the name of  the church.  Then visit if open.