Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yes Another Mall Play Area! And more to come.....

Ridgmar Mall
Soft Play Area                            1888 Green Oaks Rd  
                                                      Fort Worth
Open during business hours


Let me start by saying that I took public transit to get here, and the bus dropped me off in the parking lot near Macy's.  That stop also happens to be a transit center for other buses as well, so this could be your only trip or a stop along your journey.

I originally went here for just the play center.  It was everything I hoped it would be.  It really has an interesting layout, firetrucks, mushrooms, trains, a boat and a waterfall.  The best time to visit is before school lets out, during the week.  The play area rules say nobody over 42", but many parents ignore this and the little people it was made for get run over.  Just FYI.

There is also a little train nearby that goes around the mall.  It costs $3 a person, and parents can ride as well.  It makes choo-choo noises and sounds like a very quiet version of a real train.

A carousel sits right at the entrance of Macy's, and for $2, you (your child) can take a ride.  I have yet to ride it, as our last attempt at a smaller version of a carousel was met with cries and screams for mommy.  

In front of Sears there are some coin operated rides, just like the kind I used to pretend to ride when I was a miniature version of myself.  They only take quarters, and there is a change machine right next to the rides for your convenience.

In the food court, right next to the adult sized tables, are children's tables.  Just the right size for little legs.  My 1 year old loved that he was not confined and we actually had a better dining experience than usual when eating out.

There are 2 fountains inside the Mall.  One is larger with a bridge that crosses over it, and 4 turtle statues "spitting" water into it.  Little people love to cross this bridge over and over, as well as climb the little the turtles.  The other fountain is more a traditional smaller fountain, to be found by Dillard's.  It is actually a nice place to take a breather away from all the action in the center of the mall.

There is also an attraction next to the soft play area that has giant trampolines, and the kids are strapped to a hoist and lifted as they jump, so that they can soar way up high and remain safe.  It costs $7 for 3 minutes, which I thought was kind of steep until I actually saw the contraption in action.  I felt like a kid just watching!

If you are shopping for your little one here, there is a Children's Place, Justice, Titan Toys, and a Build-A-Bear.  There are also 2 conveniently placed "Sweet-tooth Shops" right next to the play area.  One is all cupcakes, and the other is ice cream.  If that was not enough, there is also a Candy World in this mall.  I had to literally drag my son out of it, even though he knows nothing of candy yet, the vibrant colors and sweet smell grabbed my son and tried to suck him in.

As far as I am concerned, this is the best mall in Tarrant County that I have found, as far as being child friendly.  I can make several hours out of a visit here, often spending $5 or less.  This mall definitely comes with the DFW Metroplex Mommy stamp of approval!!

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