Monday, October 7, 2013

Bounce Time at Colleyville Public Library

Bounce Time Friday



for the 'under 3' crowd, perfect for crawlers!!

Colleyville Public Library

110 Main St  Colleyville

Every Friday morning, (always check the website calendar for closings) you can take your lil chillins to Colleyville Public Library to release some wiggles.  It is fantastic!!  They have a nice sized room room set up with a bunch of soft play toys and mats to climb and tumble around on.  You will find little toys to play with, balls to bounce, tunnels to crawl through, and plenty of area to roam. I love that the mothers are very attentive here and everyone is so friendly!  Background music with children's songs and nursery rhymes so my son danced near the CD player for 15 minutes! And how cute to see the little ones get excited about a nursery rhyme they know come on.  

When playtime is nearing it's end, the 'time to clean up' song is played and everyone helps put away the toys.  It is only open for an hour, but afterward you can head right next door to the children's library area, where there are toys for the little kiddos to play with and books to read to them.  You can read to them while they play, or check out some books to read to them later.  

I love public libraries and what they have to offer, I always say you have something to do and somewhere to go if you have one near you.  Get out of the house and snuggle up in a big over sized chair at the library and read a story or two.

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