Monday, October 7, 2013


Paradise Pond
301 E. Texas Street

Grapevine                                                  $1 per person

Thursdays and Fridays 9am-11am

Paradise Pond is a child's wonderland.  A parent's too.  The second you step foot inside, you feel this childlike glee, you know that you are about to have a ball!  There are rules and a waiver you must sign, then you get your Paradise Pond key chain and off you go to explore the magical world that First Baptist Church of Grapevine has created.

I am amazed at how organized this place is.  There are little "stations" each one with a different theme.  You can go shopping at the little kid 'market' complete with toy fruits and veggies, a child's play kitchen, little shopping carts to gather your 'groceries', and a little table set up for a tea party if you like.  Around the corner you can play with toy cars and all things 'vrooom', my son likes to sit in here for about an hour.  You may enter the Paradise Pond area, which is an enclosed look-alike pond that has little soft play mats for lily pads and toy dinosaurs scattered throughout.  The main 'attractions' in this wonderland are a bounce house, a wood workshop,  little baby roller coasters, a large tube structure to play in, little bikes that are connected and move in a circle kind of like a merry go round, and an area for dress up.  Yup.  The kids can dress up like a princess or Elmo or Superman or a ballerina and go "shopping" or play with toy cars, just not in the bounce house or play structure.  They want to keep the costumes in good shape.  

For $1, you cannot beat this place.  There is far more to this place than I can even mention.  I loved it, my son loved it, his cousin loved it, all the kids there were having a BLAST, I mean, everyone needs to go here at least once.  

You do need to know the following:
*Paradise Pond is just past the First Baptist Church building on the left if taking Texas St. from Main St.  There will be signs pointing you to the right direction.

*Show up at 9.  Paradise Pond is very popular, and once they reach capacity, a sign is placed outside that reads that their pond is overflowing.  Keep on driving and try to come back another day.

*I can't remember if they allow shoes or not, but a good rule to remember is that you always want to bring socks to any play area, as MOST of them have rules about socks only.

*You can rent it out for birthdays, just know that you need to schedule it at least 6 months in advance.  Popular place, and once you visit, you will know why.

Jacob and his cousin Haley could not make it to all the play areas.  There is just so much to do.  I am certain that I will be visiting Paradise Pond again in the very near future!!  2 hours will seem like nothing when you leave here, as there is so much to keep you and your little ones busy.  Jacob passes out before we can even leave the parking lot, so it's a great nap-maker!!!

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