Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens          FREE
                                                                      ** General Admission
Yes I know, we went to the Botanic Gardens in the dead of winter.  It's free, (we did not visit the Japanese Gardens or Conservatory), and why not?  The weather decided that it wanted to cooperate with us on a beautiful Saturday, and I wanted to be outside with Jacob.  There were lots of other families there as well, having picnics, playing frisbee, taking pictures, and walking the trails.

It was like going to a giant park where Jacob could just walk and explore everything.  He got himself a stick to hold and we just walked around. We walked in big open fields, along paths, under trellises, (that Jacob thought were tunnels, so he kept walking under them saying, "nunnel, nunnel"), along the nature boardwalk, (sorry no pics of it) and stopped to take in the water features located near the rose garden.

I don't have a whole lot to write about for this outing, it was just a nice peaceful day for my son and I to enjoy each other's company.  We took transit of course.  It was packed since it was opening weekend of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, and I felt fortunate to have snagged myself a back corner seat.  I am not a big fan of random strangers' crotches in my face.  

We did not get to hit up the WOW Bus like I wanted to.  I mean, how did I think I was going to accomplish that?  The Botanic Gardens is an entire day in itself.  I will make it there, though. 
*I would like to note that I run into people some times that are just planning to ride the train and don't really know what to do once they get to downtown. (We are talking about FW right now).  Here are some things to do:

From ITC STation Take Molly the Trolley to Sundance Square Plaza -- the Trolley stop is actually on Jones St.  Get off the train and walk straight to the street, (pass the busses), and you will see the flag for the Trolley Stop.
*The driver will tell you when you are there, and will point out other major stops

Fort Worth Public Library just a few blocks from Sundance Square
*You may even catch a story time

*A separate trolley goes from ITC Station straight to the Stockyards on Saturday, Or take the 1 bus to N. Main and get off at Ellis and Exchange
*Cattle Drive every day at 11:30am and 4:00pm
*There is live music at Stockyards Station, and on Sundays, the Cowtown Opry Performs at 2:00pm
**Cattlepen Maze $5 per person
**Petting Zoo $2 per person 
**Pony rides (Both petting zoo and pony rides should not be expected on days with yucky weather)
**Rodeo Zone $6 per person
**Other Events -- Check site

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens 
Bus #7 or #57 from ITC Station
*Free for General Admission, Conservatory is $2 per person, Japanese Gardens are $5 per person

Fort Worth Botanical Research Institute
Bus #7 or #57 from ITC Station
*First Saturdays with Storytime and more, also check calendar for other events

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Bus #2 or #57 from ITC Station
*NOT free, but worth every penny, check website for details, as prices differ depending on what you want to do there.

*The Trolley will take you right to it

Fort Worth Zoo
Shuttle from ITC on Saturdays
or take the #7 Bus from ITC Station at least 1/2 mile walking involved
*Half price on Wednesdays

Log Cabin Village
#7 Bus from ITC Station
* FREE for 3 & under
$4.50 4-17 and 60+
$5 for 18+
$4 per person for groups over 10

Near Sundance Square

Ridgmar Mall
#2 Bus from ITC Station.  Takes you directly to the mall.
*Play area, coin operated kiddie rides, fountains

The WOW Bus
#4 or #6 Bus from ITC Station
*Words on Wheels -- if you are a book lover