Monday, October 7, 2013

The Tubes at Irving Bible Church

2435 Kinwest PKWY

(North Irving - off Beltline and 635)

OPEN EVERY DAY from 9am-9pm.  

*Closed from 8am-10:30am for cleaning on last Wednesday of the month.  


I stopped here on a whim because I was in the area, and I had seen The Tubes mentioned in a number of other blog posts and forums.  We didn't have a ton of time, but we did get to experience the fun that is the Tubes, and I see why it is a favorite!!

The tube structure itself is for ages 3+ I would guess, looks like a ton of fun.  Of course, I have a 13 month old and my sister has an 11 month old, so we really appreciated the toddler area, fish tank, and tiny tot area  inside the enclosed tube structure.

We took the kids to the bug themed play area, which is mostly enclosed and great for crawlers, cruisers and walkers.  Jacob wanted to explore further, so we strolled into The Tubes.

I am rather claustrophobic, so we didn't spend too long in there.  It seems really compact, which I am sure kids don't care about, but I don't have a preschooler, I have a toddler that I need to stay next to in a play area like that.  Straight to the back, there is a little structure for the tinier tots, which the little ones enjoyed.  They climbed and crawled through a tunnel enjoyed their loud echoes inside the glass enclosed area.  

It was almost time to go when we ventured out, and noticed that there was an aquarium and a wall next to it with funny shaped and distorted mirrors.  I will say the aquarium was a big hit.  They pointed and babbled at the fish, until we had to peel them away and make a dash for the car.

The staff here is very friendly and yes, you can have birthday parties here!

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